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About Us

The Historical Society of Israel promotes the discipline of history in general and Jewish history in particular. Founded in 1926, the Society has close to one thousand members today. It publishes two journals: Zion, devoted to Jewish history, and Historia, dedicated to general history. The journals feature research by distinguished scholars from various fields, from Israel and abroad.

Members receive both journals as well as a 25% discount on all publications of the Zalman Shazar Center. The Historical Society of Israel website will henceforth replace the Historical Society newsletter.

Prof. Israel Bartal chairs the board of directors of the Historical Society of Israel. At the first board meeting in 2013, the members elected Prof. Bartal for a second term, and Prof. Israel Shatzman was chosen as vice-chairman.

The board of directors, made up of historians from all over the country, is elected every four years from among the members of the Council of the Historical Society. The new administration was elected in July 2007, for a four-year term. The council meets once a year and is elected by the assembly of the general membership of the Israel Historical Society, which convenes every four years.

The Historical Society of Israel organizes scholarly research symposia, international conferences, an annual conference, and one-day seminars on core issues in Jewish history.