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CISH - Jinan Congress (23-29 August 2015)

1) The call for papers (and for commentators for the round tables) is online on the CISH website :

You have the list of the sessions (4 Major themes, 30 specialised themes, 19 joint sessions, 21 round tables), and in each session you have to click on "Appel à communications/call for papers" (or "Appel à contribution/call for commentators for the round tables) in order to have the text of each call.

Some texts are missing : about 15 on the 74 sessions. We will put them online when they arrive.

Please spread the information to your members and give them the link on the CISH website. Proposals (2 500 characters or 350 words), with a short biographical note, must be sent before the 30 November to the organizers of the session and to me.

Participants to the Jinan Congress must know of course that they must find their funding for the travel and accommodation expenses. If the air ticket is booked well in advance, the cost of the travel from Europe is about from 500 to 700 euros (today's price) ; the hotels in Jinan are not very expensive, from 40 euros (decent hotel) to 90 euros (luxury hotel).

2) For the general agenda from 2013 to 2015, click on:

3) For the guidelines for the preparation of the sessions, click on: and on "Guideline for the preparation …".