Dr. Iris Sulimani

Dr. Iris Sulimani is a senior lecturer in the Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies at The Open University of Israel. She completed her Ph.D. at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research interests focus on the history, mythology, geography, religion, and culture of the Hellenistic period. In addition, she explores various literary genres—in particular, historiography, biography, and mythography.

Sulimaniis the author of Diodorus’ Mythistory and the Pagan Mission: Historiography and Culture-heroes in the First Pentad of the Bibliotheke, Leiden and Boston 2011 (Mnemosyne Supplements, 331). She has also published several articles, emphasising the link between history, mythology and geography, such as “Imaginary Islands in the Hellenistic Era: Utopia on the Geographical Map” (2017), “Mimēsis in Diodorus Siculus: The Role of History and Sicilian Role models” (2018), and “Diodorus’ Mythography: The Distinctive Features of Mythology within Universal History” (2019). She is currently working on Plutarch’s biographies of mythical figures.