The academic journal Historia is a biannual publication first published in 1998. Forty-four volumes have been published to date.

The lack of an appropriate platform in Hebrew dedicated to world history led to the Hebrew reading public’s distancing from the discipline. Identifying this lacuna, HSI initiated the Hebrew language journal Historia as a platform for research in the field of world history. Each issue includes articles on various cultures, periods and geographical areas dealing with diverse aspects of world history. The majority of the contributors to this journal are Israeli scholars, and the Israeli experience is implicitly and explicitly imprinted in their work. Historia also aims to encourage a dialogue among scholars of different orientations and specializations within the Israeli and Hebrew-reading community of historians. Some issues of Historia are devoted to a central theme. Each issue also includes a book review section.

Editors: Prof. Michal Biran, Prof. Alexander Yakobson, Prof. Ruth Ginio and Prof. Joseph Ziegler.

Editorial Secretary: Dr. Ts’ela Rubel.

Articles submitted to the editorial board for publication undergo rigorous peer review by top-ranking scholars, as is customary in scientific journals around the world.

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