The journal Zion, published in Jerusalem since 1935, is considered the flagship Hebrew journal in Jewish history. Founded by Prof. Ben-Zion Dinur and Prof. Yitzhak Baer, the journal’s editors continue to be leading scholars in the field. Zion treats Jewish history throughout the ages from the biblical period to modern times. The journal features the best historians in Israel and worldwide as well as scholars from related disciplines, whose research sheds light on specific aspects of Jewish history. The journal devotes considerable space to book reviews, and its book review section serves as the definitive platform for new and  important publications in the field of history.

Articles submitted to the editorial board for publication undergo rigorous peer review by top-ranking scholars, as is customary in scientific journals around the world.

Editors: Prof. Shmuel Feiner, Prof. Vered Noam, Prof. Nadav Na’aman, Prof. Miriam Frenkel. Editorial Secretary: Yechezkel Hovav.

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