The XXIVth International Congress of Historical Sciences
26 Jul 2026

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ICHS (International Committee of Historical Sciences) is the world’s leading organization for researchers of history. Every five years, the organization holds a conference attended by about three thousand historians from all over the world, during which discussions are held on the study of history. The conference is intended, among other things, to promote international research. The Historical Society of Israel is the administrative bridge between the organization and researchers in Israel, and it ensures the place of Israeli researchers in the global academic discourse concerned with history. At the upcoming conference, to be held in August 2022 in Poznan, Poland, the International Association of Jewish Historical Societies and the Historical Society of Israel are organizing two sessions on Jewish history, chaired by Professor Shmuel Feiner, Chairman of the Historical Society of Israel, Professor Israel Bartal and other leading scholars.

We are pleased to announce that the Historical Society of Israel has been selected to host the 24th ICHS Congress in 2026 in Jerusalem. The convening of the Congress in Israel expresses a clear recognition of the centrality of the State of Israel as a world leader in the field of historical and academic research, and provides a rare opportunity for an unmediated encounter of historians from around the world with the history of Jerusalem and the Jewish people.

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