Prof. Mustafa Abbasi

Prof. Mustafa Abbasi is an Associate Professor at the Department of Galilee Studies at Tel-Hai College. His research focuses on two main fields: the social history of the Palestinian Arab population from the late Ottoman period to the end of the British Mandate (in particular, social changes in the Arab cities and towns in the Galilee), and the history of the 1948 War in the four Galilee cities, and the rural population in their respective districts.

He has published several books, including: The Cities of the Galilee During the War of 1948: Four cities and four stories. Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, 2014 (English); Arabs and Jews in a Mixed City: Safad during the Mandate period, 1918–1948. Jerusalem: Yad Ben-Zvi. 2015 (Hebrew); Living in Mandatory Palestine: Personal Narratives of Resilience of Galilee During the Mandate Period (co-authored with Roberta Green, Shira Hantman,Yair Seltenrich, and Nancy Green), Rutledge Publishing, 2018 (English). His articles include: “The War on the Mixed Cities: The Depopulation of Arab Tiberias and Destruction of its Old, Sacred City (1948–1949),” The Holy Land Studies, 1/1 (March 2008), pp. 45–80; “The Fall of Acre in the 1948 Palestine War,” Journal of Palestine Studies, 39/4 (Summer 2010), pp. 6–27; “Nazareth in the War for Palestine,” Holy Land Studies, 9/2, November 2010), pp. 185– 207; “Samakh: The Rise and Fall of a Palestinian Arab Town on the Shores of the Sea of Galilee,” Holy Land Studies, 12/1 (May 2013), pp. 91– 108; “The Education System in East Jerusalem During the Period of Jordanian Rule, 1948–1967,” Journal of Politics and Law, 6/4 (2013), pp.1–13; “Khalsa: The Town with a ‘Golden Fountain”: The Rise and Fall of an Arab Town North of the Huleh Valley, The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History Volume 44, Issue 3, (May 2016), pp. 448–469; ”The Battle for the Galilee: Maronites and the Palestinian Village of Jish during the 1948 War,” Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies, Volume 15.2, (2016), pp. 249–273; “Palestinians Fighting Against Nazis: The Story of Palestinian Volunteers in the Second World War,” War in History (November 2017), pp.1–23.