Prof. Mustafa Kabha

Mustafa Kabha is full  Professor in the Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies and the Head of the Middle Eastern studies at the Open University of Israel. From his publications :

Writing up The Storm-The Palestinian Press Shaping Public Opinion (London: Vallentine Mitchell Academic, 2007).

(with D. Caspi), The Palestinian Arab In/Outsiders. Media and Conflict in Israel (London/Portland: Vallentine Mitchell, 2011).

The Palestinian People: Seeking Sovereignty and State. Boulder, London: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2013.

Mustafa Kabha &Wadi' 'Awawdi , Prisoners without Bayonets: The Palestinian Prisoners and

 the firs Israeli Detention Centers , 1948 -1949 . Institute for Palestine Studies , Beirut ,2013.(Arabic)

Mustafa Kabha , The Palestinian Names of Places and their Connection with Space:

al-Lajjun Region as an Example , The Arabic Language Academy- Haifa ,2013. .(Arabic)

He edited, Towards a Historical Narrative of the Nakba: Complexities and Challenges (2006), (Haifa: Mada, Arab Center for Applied Social Research, 2006) (Arabic);