2021 Student Awards Ceremony

The award ceremony of the Historical Society of Israel for Outstanding Final High School Thesis in History was held on Monday, December 27, 2021. Attending the ceremony, which took place in Jerusalem, were the winners, their parents and the thesis supervisors.

Meeting with the students at a time when humanities studies is facing many challenges was both encouraging and exciting.

Following the award ceremony, the winners and their families were invited to the President’s House for the conferring of the Shazar Prize, where the students met with President Yitzhak Herzog, who expressed great interest in their studies and achievements.

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דותן ארד

דותן ארד, “חורבן וזיכרון: הרס בית הכנסת בדמשק ועיצובו בזיכרון הקולקטיבי”, שהתפרסם בכתב העת ציון.

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